Bathroom Makeovers

bathroom makeovers

Jim’s Building Maintenance can assist you with bathroom makeovers, to brighten up your home and give you a relaxing place to retreat to at the end of the day. Bathrooms are essential in all homes, and if yours is falling apart or out of fashion, we can give it a makeover to put a smile on your face.

We provide a full building maintenance service, and we are ready for small jobs like fitting new taps, to large projects like an entire bathroom installation. It does not matter what your bathroom dreams are, we can assist you in turning them into a reality.

Bathroom Makeovers: Why makeover your bathroom?

There are many reasons to makeover a bathroom, and your desires for this room need to be your own.  Your current bathroom will be unique, which means that your plans and dreams for your new bathroom will be unique too. Here are some of the reasons our clients have bathroom makeovers, that you might relate to:

  • your old bathroom is run-down and damaged
  • key equipment is no longer working
  • you are tired of the same look you have always had
  • you are renovating your entire house
  • a few small adjustments are all you need in a makeover.


Jim’s Building Maintenance can assist you with all of these projects. We are professional tradesmen who are experts at bathroom makeovers, no matter how large or small the job is.

How we can help you

We can help you with bathroom makeovers, to ensure that your bathroom is a special, functional and relaxing place to be.

  • Fixing existing equipment. If it can be fixed, why replace it? We can help fix structural damage, including tiles, glass and flooring, and also fix equipment like vanities and taps.
  • Fitting new installations. Need a new bath? Let us put it in for you, so you can relax in the tub without all of the hard work. If you have any equipment that needs installing into your bathroom, we can assist with expertise and enthusiasm.
  • Coordinate your entire project. We can arrange all of the skilled professionals that you need for bathroom makeovers, including electricians to put in new lights, and plumbers to ensure your water is perfectly connected.

Why choose us

Jim’s Building Maintenance guarantees all bathroom makeovers. We are proud of what we can do and we know that our workmanship is superior. Choosing a tradesman can be challenging, but remember that we are a one-stop shop for building maintenance, with skilled professionals who care about your bathroom as much as you do.

Contact us today

Contact us, and we can discuss your dreams about bathroom makeovers. Let us help you turn that dream into a reality, so you have the perfect place to relax and unwind.

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