Thursday, 25 September 2014 15:40

Getting organised for building maintenance

getting organised for building maintenance

Building maintenance is essential. If you have your own property, regular maintenance will ensure the comfort and safety of your family. If you have a rental property, building maintenance will keep your tenants happy and living there for the long term at a higher rate of rent. If you own a commercial property, your employers will be more productive and they will have greater job satisfaction. Nobody likes the hassles and struggles that come with a poorly maintained property.

When you fall behind your building maintenance, you are also potentially causing damage to your building. Fixing damage that has already occurred can be costly, but maintaining your building regularly can mean that this damage is prevented. You might believe that building maintenance is costly and time consuming, but if you are organised and have a plan, you will be saving yourself more time and money than you would if you let it all go.

Thursday, 25 September 2014 15:28

House renovations – are you ready?

house renovations - are you ready

House renovations can be a huge task, especially if you are completely revamping your family home. You may be doing this as an investment for your lifestyle, so that you have a beautiful and functional home to live in, or you may be renovating for the purpose of selling it to the highest bidder later.

Whatever your purpose in house renovations, you will need to ensure that you are completely ready for the project. You will appreciate making a good effort in the planning and researching stage of your renovations, because this effort will pay off later. The entire project will run smoothly, if you plan and look ahead.

Thursday, 25 September 2014 15:26

4 beautiful carpentry projects

4 beautiful carpentry projects

Quality carpentry is beautiful and there is place for it in any home. No matter if you have traditional tastes, or a modern and stylish home, carpentry can help you live at your best. The feel of wood is incredible, and it looks great, whether it is left raw, or finished with colour or varnish. We hope that you are inspired by these beautiful carpentry projects that you can create in your own home, and remember that Jim's Building Maintenance is ready to help you when you require an expert carpenter or cabinet maker to ensure that it all happens.


Thursday, 25 September 2014 15:24

4 tips for perfect pergolas

4 tips for perfect pergolas

Pergolas are beautiful and they are an asset to any home. Can you imagine relaxing in your backyard, sheltered by a pergola? Jim’s Building Maintenance can help you install a pergola in your home, so that you can make the most of living and entertaining in the outdoors. We have collected valuable tips for perfect pergolas, so that you can make the right choices for your installation.


Wednesday, 27 August 2014 12:28

How to Hire a Handyman

how to hire a handyman

Hiring a handyman is important, whether you have a home to look after or a commercial property to maintain. If you own or are managing a building, a great handyman can give you peace of mind. When you hire a handyman, you will want someone who respects your building as though it is their own. You will want a handyman who is versatile, committed and highly skilled, so that you can trust them with any job that comes your way.

Many people get nervous about hiring tradesmen, because it can be challenging to choose the right one. This article will give you some tips and tricks to think about when you hire a handyman, so that you have the confidence to choose the one that you need for your building.


Wednesday, 27 August 2014 12:17

7 Inspirational Ideas for Home Refurbishments

7 ideas for home refurbishments

New homes are spectacular, but you can certainly change your old home with refurbishments. Your existing home can be upgraded so that it is beautiful, functional and personalised for your style. Many families are seeking refurbishments for their home, because they understand that it provides them with a better place to live, and they also increase the sale price of the building. Here are ideas for your refurbishments, to give you inspiration on how to renovate, redecorate and reinvigorate your home.


The problems with do-it-yourself bathroom renovators

At Jim’s Building Maintenance we will always advocate that you choose us to help with your bathroom renovations, however there are many reasons for this. Many people choose to become bathroom renovators and do everything themselves, however this can cause problems that don’t arise when you choose to use a professional.

bathroom renovators

In today’s world, where almost everything faces the threat of obsolescence, even the bathrooms are no exception. Therefore, renovations are becoming essential in order to not only make your bathrooms more appealing, but also to keep them up to date and fashionable.

Wednesday, 25 June 2014 15:13

What is Property Maintenance?

property maintenance

Property maintenance entails the upkeep of any property; this may include a house, flat, commercial building factory etc. so that the property can continue to function as it is supposed to. Maintaining property is also very important to ensure that it does not lose its value. However property maintenance is no easy task and it can often be very time consuming and costly for the owners. These troublesome aspects can often even mean that many property owners end up neglecting property maintenance as it seems convenient to not bother with it. Therefore, having a trusted business, in whose hands owners can place the responsibility of their property, is becoming more and more vital. Jim's Building Maintenance is one such business that offers a wide variety of services for maintaining the property.

Wednesday, 25 June 2014 15:07

Bathroom Makeovers: Glam up your Bathroom

bathroom makeovers

Households today prefer to have really beautiful bathrooms; whereas in the past these were often one of the most neglected rooms of most houses. People now utilize as much of the space in smaller bathrooms as possible to glam them up.

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