building a pergola

One might wonder why they should indulge in building a structure such as a pergola that offers no protection from rainfall or sunlight. The answer to that is quite simple to construct. It is a unique form of architecture that gives an indoor and outdoor ambiance simultaneously. Building a pergola adds life and attraction to your backyard. Traditionally part of Italian Renaissance gardens, these structures are used nowadays to frame either a major point of your garden such as a sitting area or they are used to define a walkway or passageway.

Wednesday, 25 June 2014 13:42

4 Easy Tips for Home Improvement

4 easy tips for home improvement

Investing in your home not only ensures that it is well maintained but can also be quite a fun task at times. So what are some of the easiest ‘do it yourself’ tips for home improvement that almost anybody can easily pursue?

Wednesday, 25 June 2014 13:36

Building a Deck at Ground Level

build decking

You too can build decking!

A ground level deck provides a perfect outdoor spot within your home for spending some quality time with both friends and family. It is also fairly easy to build such a deck and therefore one does not need to be intimidated by the thought of undertaking a project to construct one. Especially when Jim's Building Maintenance is around to offer the required services. Jims’ workers will construct your deck both promptly and efficiently and make sure that your individual requirements have been taken into account. Before you start the project you should plan on how much you are willing to spend in total on the material as well as the size and shape of your potential deck.

Tuesday, 10 June 2014 14:47

When You Need a Home Handyman

home handyman

A home handyman can fix a large variety of home improvement projects, and usually at a much more efficient price.  This article is about how home handymen can help fix your home, how you can save a lot of money in doing so, and when would be a good time to hire one.

Tuesday, 10 June 2014 11:55

Advice on Building Your Own Deck

build decking

If you had previously thought that building a deck would require having worked as a professional, building multiple decks over multiple years…you’re wrong.  Anyone can qualify to build a deck, and so can you if you want to build your own.  But of course, you can’t just say “I’m going to build a deck today!” and take some timber, hammer and nails and start to build away (except in our dreams, maybe).  That is why there are some very specific techniques from professionals that you should follow, and if this is your first time building a deck on your own, it never hurts to enlist the help of an experienced friend or professional to guide you along.  Nonetheless, here are some techniques and strategies you can take when building a deck.

Monday, 28 April 2014 14:26

What Does Property Maintenance Involve?

what does property maintenance involve?

Contracting with a property maintenance company isn’t just focommercial buildings or multi-tenant properties. There are a lot of advantages to having a contractor come out to take care of your maintenance needs on a regular schedule. For one, it can stop small problems from turning into large and costly repairs. It can also improve your property value by keeping it looking good and in good repair. It isn’t as expensive as you think to hire someone; in fact property maintenance can wind up being one of the cheapest parts of your budget when you take into account the costs it helps you avoid.

Monday, 28 April 2014 14:21

Setting Priorities for Home Restoration

setting priorities for home restoration

Undertaking a home restoration project can be daunting. You never really know what a home needs until you become willing to look deeper into its structural integrity. Many people make the mistake of believing that it will all be cosmetic and just a list of DIY jobs they can knock off over the weekend. Very often, there can be major structural repairs that are needed. There can also be ways to avoid structural repairs by making sure that stopping damage from continuing to occur is high on your

Planning a Bathroom Installation for Live-In Elderly Parents

More and more people are taking in their elderly parents to their homes to care for them. Creating a separate live-in area will require a bathroom installation that is not just to help manage the needs of extra household members, but can provide the additional safety devices needed to lessen any chance of injury. When you are getting ready to plan a bathroom installation there are two main questions you have to answer before you begin to collect estimates for the work. The additional installation does not have to be expensive, but it does need to be well thought out and executed by a professional. Since most falls do happen at home and in the bathroom for the older age group, a little planning can go a long way to giving everyone piece of mind.

hire a handyman to reduce maintenance costs

Hiring a handyman is something you should consider no matter what type of property you have. While handyman services are usually associated with multi-tenant properties, there are a lot of benefits they can bring to the individual home owner. The benefits include saving you time and money by allowing someone whose specialty is maintenance and repair to do what needs to be done so you don’t have to.

3 bathroom renovations that will increase your property value

If you are looking to prepare your property for sale, or want to upgrade your unit for rental one there are 3 bathroom renovations that will do the trick. Surprisingly, these renovations are not expensive to do but can add to the perception of value in the home. It is no secret that the bathroom gets the hardest use in a home and can easily reveal its age. It is also the one place outside of the kitchen that can become the most dated as trends and times change.

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