Top Reasons to Renovate your Home


Each year, tens of thousands of people around the world undertake successful renovation projects. Thinking about what you want from your new home, office or shop will help our renovation team meet all your goals and dreams. Home and renovation developments have become a growing trend in Australia alone, with an estimated $500 billion spent in just 2013. At Jim’s Building Maintenance we are passionate about what we do whether you want to renovate rather than move, boost the value of your property, prepare for a sale, make your home more eco-friendly, or are simply making a hobby out of doing up your home for you and your family to enjoy.

1. Renovating rather than moving

If you want to stay in your neighborhood, renovating could be the most cost effective option. Legal fees, agent's commission, removal costs as well as a mound of other expenses associated with buying and selling a property can add up – all money that could go towards home improvements. At Jim’s, our professionals work closely with our clients and their designers to ensure that home and renovation work run smoothly, and they get quality results on budget and on schedule.

2. Boost the value of your property

Well, executed renovation can add a lot of value to your home! If you’re looking to sell or just want your dreams to become reality, Jim’s Building Maintenance can ensure that the job gets done properly the first time round. At Jim’s we offer complete project management service with competitive rates so that you can ensure you get quality in your home.

3. Selling your house

This is where major renovations come into play. Unless you renovate carefully, you may not make your money back. 2015 is the new era for people looking for non-renovated houses they can ‘do up’ themselves and either have as their home or resell. Aiming for a mainstream design that will suit most people’s tastes will help you with your sale. At Jim’s, our professionals can provide you with expert advice on design, materials, energy, cost and much more from your kitchen, to your living room and bathroom.

4. Renovating an old house on a budget

With the economy as is, budgets are key! Many non-renovated houses are just waiting for a touch of tender loving care. Although rewarding, these projects can be more challenging and present some hidden treasures (not necessarily the good kind!). Jim’s home handyman services can tackle all jobs, big or small. Aside from holding a range of skills that make our team perfect for the job, our handymen are fully guaranteed and their work is insured allowing you to put your feet up and relax knowing that the job will be done well with no unwanted surprises.


Let’s make your dreams come true! There are many other reasons you may want to renovate your home, whether it be to become more eco-friendly, a new family member arriving, a change of scenery, etc. At Jim’s Building Maintenance, we understand the importance of your needs, and this is evident in our finished product.

We believe renovations are not just for homes. Jim’s Building Maintenance gives stores, business, and offices the working and client environment they need to thrive. We want you to succeed, we can help you transform into a creative, fresh, new work environment for your employees and customers.

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