When You Need a Home Handyman

home handyman

A home handyman can fix a large variety of home improvement projects, and usually at a much more efficient price.  This article is about how home handymen can help fix your home, how you can save a lot of money in doing so, and when would be a good time to hire one.

Basically, a home handyman is a skilled home improvement worker who specialises in doing a vast range of improvements or repairs you need done in your home.  While some handymen are self-trained and can do nearly everything at a home, others specialise in specific jobs, like carpentry, kitchen repair, painting, etc.  This is why it’s a good idea to do you research before hiring the right handyman for you.

While some home handymen do charge you by the hour, they will also often include material costs in addition to their hourly wages.  Often, it’s more efficient for the handymen and more cost effective for you to make a list of needed repairs and/or improvements you need done, so they can do the work from start to finish on a single stop.

Before you do hire a handyman though, it’s critical to know whether you need to hire one in the first place.

Ask yourself if hiring a handyman will be worth the cost relative to the job you will require him or her to do.  Look at the task at hand, and if you feel that it is worth the money to spend on that job, do some research and try to find a handyman who specializes in what you need done.  For example, if something in your kitchen is broken, look for a handyman who specializes in fixing things in the kitchen (and make sure he or she is reputable too!)

If the repair or improvement is a long and complicated project that will require some time to complete, then it may require the attention of several workers and either a contractor or a service provider would be the best option then.  This is especially true for home remodeling, building extensions, or if the job requires large equipment.

However, if you have a large list of simple home improvements or repairs that you quickly need done, like bathroom, roof, or kitchen repairs, then hiring a home handyman is a very cost efficient way for you to solve these problems.  Of course, you could just as well hire a plumber, a roofer or a painter to do these jobs, but all are usually more expensive, and a handyman can usually get all the jobs done quicker in only a day or two.

The reason you save money is not just because you pay an hourly rate.  It’s also because you will no longer need a wide range of service providers and contractors.  You pay for only one worker who can perform a wide variety of tasks at hand (just make your list).  Paying for just one service provider or contractor alone will cost you more money than a single handyman who can perform all of the tasks, and usually in a shorter amount of time.

And since you only pay for the number of hours worked, you don’t run the risk of overpaying as you would if you hired a specialist or a contractor.  One reason why hiring home handymen is becoming more and more popular is because you don’t have to overpay, or pay for more workers.  But then again, home handymen are best suited for small jobs or small repair work.

What can a home handyman help you with?

The best projects suitable for handymen include minor plumbing installation work or repairing leaks.  But again though, if the assignment is a long, complicated plumbing job than you should turn to an experienced, professional plumber.  Another great job for handymen is to repair decks or pergolas. They can easily repair or completely replace boards, or make the deck look better by applying a nicer finish.  They can also make your deck safer as well.

Home handymen can also clean out gutters or repair roofs.  Most of the time, professional home handymen will have the right equipment and experience for safety reasons, and will also arrive with the right tools to fix what’s wrong.  For example, if your gutter has been clogged up recently, a handyman will often install gutter guards to prevent the clogging.

And of course, since home handymen can help repair roofs, they can also improve your home’s exterior.  They can repair and/or replace shingles or loose pieces.  They can also repair garage doors and small holes in your house.  In this situation especially, hiring a home handyman will be much more cost efficient for you rather than hiring a contractor or a specialist.  And even though you, as a homeowner, would likely be able to accomplish these repairs or improvements yourself, hiring a professional home handyman who has professionals experience in this area can ensure that the tasks can be done without the risk of more damage.


Overall, home handymen are exceptionally helpful in performing smaller, less intense and shorter projects that require personal attention around the house.  They are very cost efficient, can perform a very large variety of tasks, and most are eager to work.  While they may not the right choice for bigger jobs that would require a specialist or a contractor, if you have a smaller important job that you don’t want to spend a lot of money on, you should seriously look into hiring a home handyman.

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