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bathroom installation

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Are you looking into a bathroom installation or revamping your old bathroom with new equipment, tiles and flooring?

Bathroom installation is an important task for Jim’s Building Maintenance, and we want to ensure that you feel like you are living and relaxing in the perfect home. There is nothing better than unwinding after a hard day, in a warm bath or shower. It is even better when you can look around and have the view of a beautiful, clean and refreshing bathroom around you.

Types of bathroom installation services

Bathroom installations can involve brand new bathrooms in new homes, or older homes that are completely replacing their existing bathroom. They can also refer to the installation of a piece of bathroom equipment, such as a brand new bath, shower or vanity. There are many different types of bathrooms, and the choices for equipment are varied. Jim’s Building Maintenance can assist you with the following installations, to help you create the perfect bathroom to relax and unwind in. When you install a new bathroom, you are creating a sanctuary that is perfect for everyone in your family.

  • Baths
  • Spa baths
  • Shower cubicles
  • Taps
  • Water-saving equipment
  • Tiles
  • Laminated areas
  • Glass and plastic screens
  • Lights
  • Heaters

Designing the perfect bathroom

When you design a bathroom, you want to ensure that it is right for everyone who is using it. Remember that this is a shared space, and everyone in your family will have different wants and needs. Unfortunately, bathrooms often are located in small spaces which means that you need to squeeze in a lot of things, without the luxury of a lot of room. You will need to consider the following items, to make the perfect bathroom.

  • Storage. including cupboards that will contain all of the bathroom products that your entire family needs. Remember that it is not just women who will have many products. Men and children will still need their own storage spaces and they might need more room for their belongings than you initially expect.
  • A place to wash. Whether you have a bath or a shower, or both, you will need a place to wash. If you have young children you will most probably want to include some type off bath for them, but it only needs to be small. Adults also love to unwind in a bath, but they will appreciate something a bit bigger. It all depends though; on how much space you actually have for washing, in your bathroom.
  • A sink and vanity. Many of these include storage space, including racks for tooth brushes and tooth paste. There may be cupboards underneath or overhead and a mirror is also a great idea, so that you know you’re looking your best.
  • A full length mirror. If you can find space on your wall, consider a full-length mirror in your bathroom. This will be much appreciated by everyone in your family.
  • Towel racks. These can be traditional or even heated. The type of towel rack is your choice but remember to keep room for them. You will need enough space for towels, for every member of your family.

Call us today

Jim’s Building Maintenance can assist you with your bathroom installations. Talk to us about the job that you want us to complete, and the outcome you want to achieve. We would love to help you create the perfect bathroom in your home, or even help you revamp an office or commercial bathroom. Always remember, that our work is guaranteed.

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