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Any part of the roof, including eaves, is continuously exposed to water and the elements. As a result, eaves can deteriorate after a while and show signs of leakage, peeling paint, rust, rot and detachment.

Eaves play the crucial role of keeping water out of the property. Fascia boards in eaves serve the purpose of protecting the roof from touching the walls and safeguards its guttering system. This allows rainwater to drain properly and stops moisture from coming in through the roofline. If eaves are damaged, they can’t do their job correctly. This may cause water to enter your property through its walls, joints and even foundations.

Because of this, it’s vital you have your eaves fixed immediately to prevent additional and costlier damage.

Our Jim’s Building Maintenance servicemen are well equipped and seasoned at carrying out eaves repairs. We hire the most skilled servicemen all across the country with vast experience in a variety of eaves repairs. We’ll also offer the most appropriate recommendation and cost effective solution to restore your eaves to its original state.

All our servicemen are qualified, licensed and fully insured. They are also members of the HIA and the MBA. Our workmanship is guaranteed, so you can have complete peace of mind that the standard of work will meet your requirements.

Why hire us for eaves repair in Perth?

  • Our workmanship is guaranteed
  • We are fully insured and accountable for your eaves repair
  • We are current members of the HIA (Housing Industry Association) and the MBA (Master Builders Association)
  • We offer competitive prices and deliver projects on tight deadlines

We will provide effective repair services for your eaves in Perth, so you can have complete peace of mind that they will be fully restored.

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