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Extreme weather like excess rain, storms, high winds, and hail can cause severe damage to your property. The damage could be as minor as a few loose or broken roof tiles, or as major as structural damage that can endanger the safety of those inside the property. Apart from the obvious damage, extreme weather can also cause water to run off your roof improperly, which can cause flooding and leaks.

Most types of storm damage can cause the property to be exposed to the elements, creating potential hazard and discomfort to the residents. The longer you wait, the costlier and more dangerous it could become. Therefore, it’s best to call in the experts for a repair soon after damage has been detected.

If you have been unfortunate enough to suffer storm damage, contact us for immediate storm damage repair you can trust. Our restoration and repair experts are qualified, licensed and fully insured tradesmen will respond to your call when you need it most.

We understand that rebuilding a portion of an existing structure is different from building from the ground up. Design, materials and finishes must fit the remaining original property, while also addressing the damage and moisture caused by the catastrophe.

Our Jim’s Building Maintenance tradesmen are well equipped and experienced at performing storm damage repairs. We employ the most skilled tradesmen all across Australia with experience in numerous storm damage repairs. We’ll also provide the most appropriate and cost effective solution to repair your storm-damaged property.

Our tradesmen are members of the HIA and the MBA. Our workmanship is guaranteed, so you can rest assured that the standard of work will meet your expectations.

Why hire Jim’s Building Maintenance for storm damage repair?

  • Our workmanship is guaranteed
  • We are fully insured and accountable for your storm damage repair
  • We are current members of the HIA (Housing Industry Association) and the MBA (Master Builders Association)
  • We offer competitive prices and deliver projects on tight deadlines

We will provide high quality storm damage repair services for your property, so you can rest assured it will be fully restored.

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