Commercial Building Maintenance

commercial building maintenance

Do you own a commercial property and need assistance with commercial building maintenance? This is our area of expertise, and we can assist you with a diverse range of projects. If you have a building to take care of, we understand how important it is to keep it functional and aesthetically pleasing – whether you are working out of it yourself, or leasing it to others.

We can help you

Jim’s Building Maintenance can help you keep your building in tip top condition. We can provide one-off solutions or even work with you on a regular basis for all of your maintenance, tradesmen and handymen tasks.

  • Bathrooms. Ensure that your toilets, vanities and even baths and showers are functioning correctly. A commercial bathroom needs to be well-maintained, clean and comfortable to use. We can fix current equipment or install new items as required.
  • Cabinets and storage. All offices need storage for their supplies, and commercial buildings can require very unique, custom solutions. We are experienced with a diverse range of cabinets and storage solutions, so that you have peace of mind when we work on your tasks.
  • Painting. Need a few paint touch-ups or a full room completed? We can help you with these projects to give you a new splash of colour or just make your premises feel fresh and clean.
  • Outdoor solutions. If you have sheds, fences and garages, you will know that these can become damaged from over use. Call Jim’s Building Maintenance to have these fixed or replaced, so that your business is working at its best.

Types of buildings

Commercial building maintenance applies to a wide number of buildings, and in our experience all of these are different with unique requirements. We can get to know your building and what it needs, and we work on the following types of premises:

  • Offices
  • Industrial buildings
  • Outdoor equipment
  • Shops and retail premises
  • Storage areas
  • Residential-style dwellings

Ongoing commercial building maintenance

Team up with us for regular maintenance. We can ensure that all of your buildings are checked and maintained regularly, so that no major damage occurs. We can create a schedule so your commercial building is always at its best, and you have the satisfaction that reliable and professional tradesmen are taking care of it.

Team up with us

Contact us today, and we can partner with you for commercial building maintenance. At Jim’s Building Maintenance, all of our work is guaranteed, so that you know you have chosen the best tradesmen to support you, your business and your building.

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