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Looking for a franchise?

Would you like to be your own boss? Work where you want, when you want? Need more family time? Whether you already have experience in building maintenance or are looking for something different, join a business with a reputation for providing quality service and enjoys great brand awareness.

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Frequently asked questions

  1. What is franchising?
    Franchising is the practice of using a company’s successful business model for your own benefit. To start your own business can be risky. When you buy a franchise business, you’re investing in a business model that has been built and improved over many years. What about an existing business for sale? Be careful not to buy a business just to end up with its bills and liabilities. Rather start your own business as a franchisee – you get the benefit of our support and you start with a clean slate.
  2. What is a franchise?
    A franchise is a business with the licence to use a proven franchising model in an area. Why buy a franchise? Starting your own business as a franchisee gives you the right to use the name, logo, trade secrets and goodwill of the franchisor. Your franchise will be profitable sooner and you have a greater chance of success with our proven system than when you’re implementing your own business idea.
  3. What does a franchise cost and what is the franchise agreement?
    All franchises are operated within the terms of an agreement between the franchise owner and the franchisor. This is known as the franchise agreement. Franchise purchase costs are determined by the size of your exclusive area and startup equipment. You can get your building maintenance career on track for as little as $30,000.
  4. How to buy a franchise?
    Get started by contacting a franchisor and completing the induction course. See our Steps to Franchise Ownership section below for more information.
  5. Why did 3000 Jim’s franchisees invest in the best franchise?
    “In business for yourself, but not by yourself” - Jim’s proven system helped more than 3000 franchisees become successful and live a great lifestyle.
  6. How to obtain finance for your new franchise?
    There are various options to finance the start of your business. You can use your own money and assets as security for a startup loan. Friends and family will be more willing to help invest and franchises are easier to finance through banks as the business model is proven.
  7. Aren’t all small business franchise opportunities the same?
    Jim’s Franchises are different from other franchises. When buying a franchise from Jim’s Building Maintenance, you enjoy the following benefits:
    • guaranteed work availability
    • no percentage of turnover royalties
    • no restriction on growth
    • affordable franchise cost
    • more working capital in the initial growth period

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