Trade Licenses



What trade licenses are available?

All trade licenses are available as well as certifications, but it is important that for any license applicant they possess at least 2-3 years professional experience. With a builders license you need to have at least a Cert IV in Building and Construction plus one other trade license like Carpentry, Tiling, etc.

Certificates / licenses that may be required in the building industry:

  • Certificate in Bricklaying / Block laying
  • Certificate in Carpentry
  • Certificate in Flooring Technology
  • Certificate in Building & Construction (Building)
  • Certificate in Tiling
  • Certificate in Painting
  • Certificate in Fencing
  • Certificate in Plastering
  • Certificate IV in Building & Construction (Plumbing)
  • Certificate in Electrical
  • Handyman license
  • Builder's license

Who is a trade license for?

It is for anyone operating in the trade that requires the qualification license.

What are the features / key points of the license?

The laws will change within the next few years and anyone working in the building or maintenance industry will require a license as evidence they maintain standards under this proper procedure.

What are the benefits?

The benefit is in the qualification. Qualifications enable tradespeople to undertake bigger jobs such as renovations, alterations and new houses or apartments. When joining Jim's Building Maintenance we guide them through the process of obtaining a qualification and/or trade license. The cost of assessment, certification or licencing will be individual for their own requirements.

We do not guarantee eligibility to complete a certification or licensing as this depends heavily on the applicant's previous experience and work history.


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